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Ultra Palmolive® Original

Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands®. Your favorite dishwashing liquid is as good as ever.

Ultra Palmolive® Antibacterial Dish Liquid

The only one approved to kill 99.9% of salmonella, e. coli and staph on dishes in seconds.*

*Salmonella enterica, E. coli O157:H7 and Staph aureus on dishes in 30 seconds.

Ultra Palmolive®
Dish & Sponge Fresh™

Designed to wash away odor causing residue from sponges and cleans dishes to a sparkling shine

Palmolive® Fresh Infusions™

Inviting, naturally inspired fragrance blends, combined with the sparkling clean you trust from Palmolive® dish liquid.

Ultra Palmolive® pure + clear®

No unnecessary chemicals or heavy fragrances. Pure, sparkling clean dishes.

Ultra Palmolive® soft touch®

Formulated with hand softening Vitamin E, Coconut Butter, or Aloe. Perfect for dry hands and sparkling clean dishes.

Ultra Palmolive® Baby

A hypoallergenic dish liquid that gently cleans, with no unneccesary ingredients. It removes whole milk and formula, and food residue.


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