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Top Tooth Fairy Ideas to Make Your Child's Fantasies Real

Kelly Sundstrom

Do you remember losing your first tooth? This event might bring up memories of hiding your tooth under a pillow, only to find money in its place when you wake up in the morning. When your child loses the very first tooth, you might want to make her experience more exciting with a few tooth fairy ideas.

Use a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Consider using a tooth fairy pillow for your child to place her lost teeth in. You can buy a premade tooth fairy pillow from a store or make one yourself using a few craft supplies, such as cotton fabric and batting. A standard tooth fairy pillow looks like a tiny pillow with a small pocket, which can either close with a button, velcro, or a zipper. You can write your child's name on to the tooth fairy pillow using colorful glitter glue, which will look even more mystical.

Leave Evidence Behind

Leave a few pieces of evidence behind to show your child that the tooth fairy was, indeed, visiting your home. Sprinkle glitter around her bedroom in a trail to the window or door, which you can easily vacuum up later, or give your child a charm bracelet that the tooth fairy can add a special charm to every time your child loses a tooth. For boys, consider a book on losing your baby teeth to get excited about this stage in childhood.

Encourage Healthy Habits

You can also turn your child's lost tooth into an opportunity to teach proper dental care with a few other tooth fairy ideas. Purchase a few items to place under her pillow that encourage good dental hygiene, such as a Colgate's themed toothbrush and flavored toothpaste. Learn more about caring for your child's teeth in the Colgate Oral Care resources. You can find out ways to keep your child's new teeth in tip-top shape for the rest of her life.

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