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Good Dental Care while Traveling

Shadra Bruce

Maintaining proper dental care while traveling can be difficult. If you're spending hours in the car and eating while you travel, you miss important flossing and brushing opportunities. What can you do to protect your teeth when on the road? These three habits will be real "toothsavers" for you and your family on your next roadtrip!

Eat Healthy Snacks

Sugary treats are a bad idea anytime, but definitely when you're traveling. Not only does sugar make kids too bouncy in the car, but it is very bad for teeth, too - especially when you can't stop and brush right away. Instead of sugary treats, choose healthy snacks that are better for your health and your teeth. Bring a cooler filled with baby carrots and broccoli, instead of picking up candy bars and cookies at a pit stop. If you're planning to travel with kids, cut up fruits and veggies into sticks for easy snacking. Skip the convenience of boxed fruit juices, which can contribute to tooth decay, and opt for water instead. Learn more about smart snacks for healthy teeth in the Colgate Oral Care resources.

Potty Break = Brushing Break

You can make it easier to practice good dental care while traveling if you simply keep a travel toothbrush handy. When you make those inevitable pit stops, bring your travel toothbrush with you and give your teeth a quick brush and rinse. You can easily floss while riding (but not driving) in the car using a disposable floss stick. Every effort you make to keep your teeth clean helps, so when you're really in a hurry, try a Colgate Wisp. The Colgate Wisp is a perfect, mini tooth brush with toothpaste built right in.

End the Day with a Thorough Cleaning

When you are finally at your destination, whether it's a hotel room or grandma's house, take a little extra time to focus on your teeth and help your kids with their final teeth cleaning of the day. Be sure everyone in the family flosses thoroughly, then brushes carefully. Kids will fun using Colgate Kids 2-in-1 (a toothpaste and mouthwash combination that comes in fun flavors like strawberry) to make sure their teeth are as clean as possible.

No matter how often you travel, you can always end the day on a minty fresh, healthy note with a little bit of effort.  |  |  Legal/Privacy  | Site Map  |  Contact Us
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