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Five Tips for Bad Breath Control

Angela Tague

Despite brushing and flossing daily, everyone experiences bad breath at one time or another. Whether you enjoy onions on your sandwich at lunch or take a medication that makes your mouth dry, there are ways to control the lingering odors, also known as halitosis. Try one of these tips for bad breath control.

Proper Brushing Technique
You already know brushing your teeth whisks away odors. But are you doing it correctly? The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day. It is important to brush all surfaces of the teeth, including the the gumline and inside portion of the teeth near the palate and tongue. To eliminate bad breath, spend time brushing the entire surface of your tongue where bad bacteria tend to linger the most after you brush the teeth and gumline. Utilize the Colgate�� 360�� toothbrush which provides an effective tongue cleaner on the back head of the toothbrush.

Replace Your Toothbrush
If you wait for your semiannual dental checkup to replace your toothbrush with a freebie from the dentist, think again. To keep your breath fresh, use clean oral hygiene tools. When your toothbrush becomes frayed, it's time for a new one. Toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Regularly Clean Dental Appliances
You can't ignore proper oral hygiene just because you wear false teeth or a retainer. Dentures and partials require daily cleaning, just as natural teeth. Remove the dental appliances from your mouth to brush them to remove all food particles and plaque which can create bad breath.

Stimulate Saliva Production
A dry mouth can be the cause of halitosis. Try enjoying sugar-free chewing gum or hard candies to encourage saliva production. The American Dental Association points out that artificial saliva prescribed by your dentist can also be used to moisten the mouth and reduce bad breath.

Choose Foods Carefully
Some foods are naturally harsh on your breath. Pungent seasonings, such as garlic or vinegar, can linger well past mealtime, so eat them sparingly. The Mayo Clinic also encourages the avoidance of sugary, sticky foods that linger on the teeth longer and are more difficult to remove.

You don't have to suffer from bad breath any longer. By brushing twice daily with a clean toothbrush, maintaining ample saliva in your mouth, choosing food carefully and using other tips for bad breath control, you can keep your breath fresh and pleasant.

Learn more about bad breath control in the Colgate Oral Care resources.

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