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Physical Disorders and Their Oral Effects


STDs and Related Conditions

Dentists and dental personnel who treat you will use "universal precautions" to prevent the spread of infection. This includes wearing gloves, a mask and gown, and following infectious-disease precautions. This protects them from being infected while treating you. However, you should remember that other people you associate with may become infected. Read "STDs and Related Conditions" article

Respiratory Diseases and Conditions

If you have a respiratory condition, make sure that your dentist always has an up-to-date list of all the medicines you take. The list should be neatly written or typed. It should include prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines such as antacids. It also should include vitamins, herbal pills and other nutritional supplements. Read "Respiratory Diseases and Conditions" article

Immune Disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis Oral Effects Read "Immune Disorders" article

Kidney Disease

Oral Effects. People with kidney disease often have other health issues. They often have compromised immune systems, so they may be more likely to get infections. Read "Kidney Disease" article

Videos and Interactive Guides

How to Brush

Learn the technique recommended for the best cleaning.

How to Floss

Find simple instructions for effective flossing.

Fresh Breath Assessment

How fresh is your breath? Find out by visiting the Fresh Breath Institute.

Guide to Brushing

Test your brushing skills with our FUN 3-D brusher.

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