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Mouth Body Connection


The Mouth-Body Connection

You may have heard of the mind-body connection, but what about the mouth-body connection? To many people, a dental visit is about getting their teeth cleaned, having a tooth pulled, or getting a filling. Read "The Mouth-Body Connection" article

Common Medications Can Have Oral Side Effects

Many medications have side effects, and some can even affect oral health. Read "Common Medications Can Have Oral Side Effects" article

Understanding Stress and its Affect on Oral Health

Stress may be common in modern life, but stress that is not managed can negatively impact your mind and body, including your oral health. Read "Understanding Stress and its Affect on Oral Health" article


Leukoplakia — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this irritation of the mouth. Read "Leukoplakia" article

Videos and Interactive Guides

How to Brush

Learn the technique recommended for the best cleaning.

How to Floss

Find simple instructions for effective flossing.

Fresh Breath Assessment

How fresh is your breath? Find out by visiting the Fresh Breath Institute.

Guide to Brushing

Test your brushing skills with our FUN 3-D brusher.

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