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Safety Chart

Safety and Your Teeth
Dental injuires can often be prevented — especially if you know what to watch out for. This chart can help you do just that. Fill in the specific areas that you know may prove dangerous.

Possible Danger Areas in My Setting
  • Encourage children to be considerate of each other, and gently remind them to wait their turn when appropriate
Falling on stairs
  • Make sure children don't
    feel hurried
  • Remind children to use handrails
Falling from bikes and playground equipment
  • Review safety rules
  • Teach safe use
  • Make sure equipment is age appropriate and in good repair
Running with objects in mouth
  • Make a list together of the only things that should go in your mouth, and illustrate together
  • Post at children's eye level
  • Remind children to walk, don't run
  • Clean up toys, materials, and spills
Car accidents (sudden stops)
  • Always wear seatbelts
  • Offer children props to role play
Biting hard objects
  • Make a list together of everything you shouldn't bite
  • Encourage children to add to the list as they think of items

Did You Know?

  • Upper front teeth are the teeth most affected by accidents
  • Teeth and gums in the back of the mouth are usually injured by chewing on pencils, ice, or cracking nuts

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