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Sensitive Teeth

What is causing your tooth sensitivity?
Daily habits may be to blame, but there is still hope for many.
Learn to Fight Tooth Sensitivity
Understand the causes of sensitivity and how to prevent or alleviate it.
Smile Saver
How much do you really know about gum disease? Take our quiz and see.
Colgate® Sensitive® Multiprotection Provides Clinically Proven Sensitivity Relief
Use Colgate® Sensitive® for daily protection from painful tooth sensitivity.

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Tooth sensitivity:

hard to ignore, but easy to treat

Almost half the population suffers from tooth sensitivity and many accept it as normal. The good news is that sensitivity can be treated with simple in-office and at-home treatments.

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Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Understanding Tooth Sensitivity

Discover the causes, prevention and treatment of sensitivity.
Sensitive Smiles

Sensitive Smiles

Cold drinks aren't the only thing that can aggravate a sensitive smile. Even brushing can be a pain, but not with this simple trick.

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Gum Disease Quiz

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Guide to Brushing

Guide to Brushing

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