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What is a Fun Center?

Starlight’s Fun Centers ( are mobile entertainment units equipped with a Nintendo Wii™, a Sharp AQUOS™ LCD television, and a DVD player. Fun Centers – designed to alleviate the stress, loneliness and isolation that accompany a child’s hospital stay — are on wheels and can be enjoyed at a child’s bedside or anywhere in the hospital setting.

How many times can I vote?

Each user may vote once every 24 hours from a single computer.

How often are the voting results updated?

Voting results will be updated each weekday during the voting period.

How many hospitals will receive a Fun center?

All 11 participating hospitals will receive one. However, the top 3 hospitals to receive the most online votes will receive a SECOND Fun Center.

When does voting end?

Voting ends 12 PM (EST) on February 27, 2009

When are the winners announced?

March 9, 2009

Can anyone vote?

Yes. As stated previously, users may vote once every 24 hours.

How much does a Fun Center cost?

To sponsor a Fun Center and have it placed in a hospital costs $4,250. The price includes dedicated staff members who manage this centralized Starlight Children’s Foundation program, and who troubleshoot and maintain the unit for its lifetime if it needs repairs. It also includes the cost to replenish each unit’s library of DVDs.

Can I buy a Fun Center for a hospital?

Yes, to inquire about sponsoring a Fun Center for a hospital, email Erin Landry at Starlight Children’s Foundation at

How were hospitals chosen for this campaign?

Hospitals were selected from those on Starlight Children’s Foundation’s waiting list for Fun Centers.

How can my hospital receive a Fun Center and/or be considered for next year’s campaign?

To ensure your hospital is considered for next year’s campaign, your hospital must sign Starlight Children’s Foundation’s universal waiver and place itself on its hospital waiting list. The form can be found on Starlight’s website here.

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