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  • Current Position: VP, Chief Patent Counsel
  • What I Like Most About Colgate: There is a great variety of issues - substantively interesting and challenging.

I joined Colgate because I had worked in the pharmaceutical area and wanted to use that experience in a different industry. Colgate has a solid reputation and has clear values which align with my own.

I am responsible for all Patent and Patent related matters at Colgate. This includes developing strategies and managing risks related to Patents as well as overseeing Colgate's global Patent portfolio.

What I like most about working at Colgate is there is a great variety of issues — substantively interesting and challenging.

In terms of how I have grown professionally since joining Colgate, I hope that I am a more well rounded leader with an ability to view issues, projects and situations from multiple perspectives and from different scopes (granular as well as the broader picture and implications).

Working on global initiatives on a cross-functional basis has been my most exciting opportunity. This is where Colgate comes alive — various subject matter experts building on each other's expertise to develop competitive and winning strategies. There have been a number of these initiatives and each one has allowed me to work with new people and in new ways.

Flexibility and calm are the keys to being successful at Colgate.

I would recommend a career at Colgate to a friend because the scope of potential career opportunities is the broadest I've ever seen. It's part of the culture to encourage experimentation, which includes your career. People and interests change and Colgate is willing to take great steps to accommodate these changes for valued employees.

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