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  • Current Position: Customer Development Director
  • What I Like Most About Colgate: Working for a company that really lives their values.

I joined Colgate because one of my friends worked at Colgate and he always recommended Colgate as a one of the best companies to work for. I also knew that Colgate was a strong multinational company and I believe that Colgate has a real commitment to caring for people.

I'm currently the Customer Development Director for Colgate Palmolive in Ecuador.

What I like most about working at Colgate is that it is a company that really lives their values. For me, it is really important that people work as a team and that people are free to communicate openly and honestly. I always have challenges that reinforce my leadership capabilities.

Since joining Colgate, I have had the opportunity to work in different areas: Consumer Marketing, Customer marketing and Customer Development/Sales. Two key factors have played a role: The leadership that the company exhibits and the commitment and passion that each of us has put into achieving our goals and leading change (innovation).

My most exciting opportunities to-date were becoming the Direct Trade Customer Development Director in a big subsidiary like Mexico, and my current role as a Customer Development Director in Ecuador.

To be successful at Colgate, lead the change, and encourage creative and innovative thinking, achieve balance between your personal and professional life, foster teamwork, and take accountability in all the projects you have.

I would recommend a career at Colgate because Colgate has a strong commitment to all their employees: development, professional growth, plus tools and training for continuous development. Colgate believes in the right balance between personal and professional life, and fosters diversity and leadership.

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