Sensitivity smarts!

Sensitivity is tooth pain that often results from contact with cold, heat, acids or sweets. How much you know about its causes and treatment?

  1. The protective outer layer of teeth is called:
    a. Enamel
    b. Nerve
    c. Gums
  2. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by:
    a. Gum recession
    b. Acidic foods
    c. Brushing too hard
    d. All of these
  3. Tooth enamel can be worn away, or eroded, by:
    a. Drinking a lot of carbonated soft drinks and fruit juices
    b. Having a dry mouth, or low salivary flow
    c. Acid reflux disease
    d. All of these, and more
  4. Which of these tasty treats can erode tooth enamel:
    a. Orange juice
    b. Apples
    c. Soda
    d. All of the above
  5. Brushing right after eating or drinking acidic foods can help prevent enamel erosion.
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