Colgate® Max Clean™ with SmartFoam™

With 30% more penetrating foam than regular toothpaste, Max Clean™ cleans hard-to-reach places with an intense sensation and rush of clean — giving you the confidence to get close to others. Available in two refreshing flavors: Effervescent Mint™ and Spearmint Blast™.

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Colgate® 360°®

80% of mouth bacteria are not on teeth. Meet the brush designed with three special features to remove bacteria from tongue, cheeks and gums. Impress your dentist with a brush designed for three times bacteria removal action!

Colgate® WISP®
Icy Bubble™

The only single-use, mini-brush with a freshening bead is now available with an extra-fun flavor and riot of color. Toss in a backpack or lunch bag for your busy kids to use on the go. Anytime. Anywhere.

Colgate® ProClinical™ White

Want a fuss-free way to brighten your smile? Brush twice a day as you normally would with the only Colgate toothpaste featuring ProLuminex™ crystals, clinically proven whitening technology. Whiter teeth in just one tube!

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