Like many people, you may be overwhelmed by the large selection of products in the toothpaste aisle. You’ve probably wondered what makes each toothpaste different and which one is right for you.

With more than nine different types of Colgate Total® to choose from, we can understand how it may get confusing. We’d like to make it a little easier.

First, ALL Colgate Total® toothpastes provide you with 12 hours of germ-fighting protection and help prevent gingivitis, cavities, bad breath, plaque and tartar buildup.

Our Colgate Total® Advanced line features our most advanced formulas with a variety of benefits to suit your specific oral care needs from whitening to enamel strengthening. Click on any of these links below to find the right Colgate Total® for you.

Advanced Whitening

Helps remove and
prevent stains.


Advanced Deep Clean

Contains an advanced cleaning system for an extra-clean and healthy mouth.


Advanced Fresh +

Freshens breath for 12 hours and whitens teeth.


Advanced Gum Defense

Helps prevent and reduce gingivitis.


Advanced Gentle Care
Enamel Strength

Strengthens and cares for tooth enamel.


Join Colgate's dentist as he answers even the
toughest oral care questions — including yours.

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