Available in 20 ct. and 32 ct.

AJAX®|Triple Action Dish Pacs

Ajax® Dish Pacs with deep cleaning enzymes have been formulated to provide powerful grease cleaning performance and great shine for your dishes and glasses. Designed to eliminate stains and residue, Ajax® Dish Pacs will leave your dishes sparkling clean.

Sodium Carbonate Cleaning Agent
Sodium Sulfate Cleaning Agent
Sodium Silicate Cleaning Agent, Corrosion Inhibitor
Tergitol (EO/PO co-polymer) Wetting Agent
Sodium Polyacrates Cleaning Agent
Sodium Citrate Dihydrate Cleaning Agent
Sodium Percarbonate Cleaning Agent
Protease Enzyme Cleaning Agent
Fragrance Pleasant Scent
Citric Acid Cleaning Agent
Amylase Enzyme Cleaning Agent