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Healthy Mouth Healthy Body - Stroke

The possible relationship of stroke and severe chronic gum disease (periodontitis**) has been demonstrated in a number of recent studies. One study examined the presence of artery plaques (fatty deposits) in subjects with and without severe chronic gum disease. The researchers determined that subjects with severe chronic gum disease had a risk for the presence of carotid artery plaque deposit level almost four times that of than subjects without periodontal disease.

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* The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs' Acceptance of Colgate Total® toothpaste is based on its finding that the product is effective in helping to prevent and reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, plaque above the gumline and bad breath when used as directed.

** Colgate Total® is approved by the FDA to aid in the prevention of cavities, plaque and gingivitis. It has not been approved for the prevention or treatment of periodontitis or other diseases. Emerging research shows that there is an association between periodontitis and certain systemic diseases. A cause and effect relationship has not been established.