Nouveau Cheap September 23, 2011
“Review: Softsoap Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions Bar Soap”
Nouveau Cheap loves this new addition to Softsoap® product line and recommends that you give it a whirl.
Laughing Lindsay September 17, 2011
“Softsoap Bar Soap Review”
Whether to get herself started in the morning or to unwind at night, Lindsay uses Softsoap® Coconut Scrub during her showers.
The Fashionable Housewife September 13, 2011
“New Softsoap Bar Soap Line Smells So Yummy!”
Specially created to excite your senses, the Softsoap® brand bar soap line is enriched with natural extracts and a variety of delicious fragrances.
Clumps of Mascara August 19, 2011
“Softsoap's Strawberry Smoother. Yummers!”
Brittany of Clumps of Mascara is another gal who was taking by the “yumminess” of Strawberry Smoother Body Butter. Once again, please don't eat, just wash and enjoy the smell.
Tampa Fashion and Beauty Blog August 13, 2011
“Try a ‘strawberry smoothie’ to soothe summer skin”
Tampa Fashion and Beauty Examiner urges all to counteract summer skin problems and indulge your senses with Strawberry Smoother Body Butter.
The Budget Babe August 10, 2011
“Softsoap Body Butter Strawberry Smoother Body Smoothing Wash”
Budget Babe really can't go wrong with Strawberry Smoother Body Butter. She can now blog while feeling soft and smelling dreamy, and all for an affordable price.
St. Louis Beauty Products Examiner August 7, 2011
“Softsoap Body Butter Strawberry Smoother Body Smoothing Wash”
The St. Louis Examiner says that Strawberry Smoother Body Butter is a delightful summertime treat, much like a huge chunk of whipped-cream-doused strawberry shortcake. Again, we advise against oral consumption.
She Scribes August 2, 2011
“New Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Wash”
It's a Softsoap product. It's a body wash. And it smells like strawberries. It's a win-win-win for Kimberly at She Scribes.
Our Whiskey Lullaby August 1, 2011
“Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Butter Wash Review”
Katherine rejuvenates her skin with Strawberry Smoother Body Butter after swimming in the lake on a hot summer day.
Shop With Mama July 27, 2011
“Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Butter Review & 2 Giveaways”
Kim from Shop With Me Mama loves the smell of Strawberry Smoother Body Butter so much she wants to eat it. We strongly advise against this.