Celebrity Chef, Orthodontists Team Up For National Orthodontic Health Month

Chef John Besh and the American Association of Orthodontists are taking a bite out of eating challenges due to braces and other alignment devices with orthodontic-friendly recipes during National Orthodontic Health Month in October.

Chef Besh is a restaurateur, TV personality and author. He personally selected recipes from his collection that are easy on braces and other orthodontic devices. The recipes can be found at www1.mylifemysmile.org/pressroom.

"Certain foods are tough on braces and other devices used to straighten teeth and align jaws," said Dr. Robert E. Varner, president of AAO. "Chef Besh’s recipes can help patients reach their treatment goal of a healthy and beautiful smile."

The three orthodontic-friendly recipes, made available compliments of AAO, include Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, Yogurt Fruit Pops and Drew’s Cake.

MouthHealthy.org, the American Dental Association’s consumer website, has advice on how to eat properly when wearing braces and other alignment devices. Search under A-Z Topics from the homepage for information on braces and orthodontics.

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