Tips on How to Be the Tooth Fairy

Losing a tooth is one of the great rites of passage during childhood, one that involves the magical transformation of their tooth into money or a small gift. The traditional idea of the tooth fairy involves the child placing his tooth under the pillow at night and awakening the next morning to find that the tooth fairy has left money in its place. However, there are also some outside-the-box ideas on how to be the tooth fairy that can make your child's experience even more memorable.

Consider Skipping the Cash

This is especially true if your child is on the younger side. While an eight- or nine-year-old may be excited about money, a younger child will probably not understand the value of money and might be happier with a special treat. Depending on how extravagant you want to get, the tooth fairy could leave behind a book, a small toy, a healthy snack, or even something like tickets to the zoo. Just keep in mind that whatever you do for the first tooth will set expectations for all the rest.

Make It a Total Experience

There are lots of other extras you can do to add to the mystery and magic of the tooth fairy experience. Think about getting a special tooth pillow with a pocket for the tooth. That way, the "tooth fairy" knows just where to find it without searching underneath your child's head. You can buy these or, if you're feeling crafty, make your own.

Another idea is to have the tooth fairy leave a note for your child. Use a special pen, put some effort into creative handwriting, and then dust some glitter over the paper to create fairy dust. You might have the tooth fairy explain what is going to happen to the tooth and leave an encouraging message to your child to keep brushing.

Another idea is to leave tiny glitter footprints throughout the house for your child to find. If you're worried about the mess, try stickers.

Deciding how to be the tooth fairy is a great way to share a special experience with your child. It is also very possible that the traditions you start with your children will be carried on when they start having children of their own, creating a legacy of fond childhood memories.

Ready for the Tooth Fairy?

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