The Advantages of Damon Braces

Damon system braces are a relatively new orthodontic treatment. While they cost somewhat more than standard metal braces, they do have quite a few advantages that may make them a option worth considering.

What Are Damon Braces?

The Damon system is an orthodontic treatment that uses self-ligating braces. This means that rather than attaching the arch wire to the brackets with elastic ligatures, the brackets themselves have a component that closes around the wire to keep it attached.

What Are the Advantages of This System?

The advantages of a self-ligating system over standard braces are significant. Aesthetically, metal Damon system brackets are less noticeable than the brackets of traditional metal braces. But since both conventional and Damon system braces now come in clear versions for the image conscious, this argument is not as persuasive as it might once have been.

What can't be easily overlooked, however, is the reduced treatment time that can be experienced using the Damon system. In a comparative study, Damon patients had treatment times that were more than a half a year shorter than patients with traditional metal braces. Damon patients had 47.8 percent fewer appointments as compared to the metal braces group in order to get their smiles looking great.

Because no friction is involved by using elastic or metal ligatures, your teeth can slide more freely, thus shortening the treatment time, as well as causing less pain during treatment.

The elastics associated with conventional braces can also accumulate bacteria and plaque and often become discolored with different foods and beverages. By eliminating these ligatures, the Damon system can lead to better oral health during orthodontic treatment, making your smile that much healthier when the braces come off.

Is It Worth It?

Consult with your orthodontist to determine whether Damon braces are a good option for you, whether your insurance will cover the treatment and whether you can both agree that the treatment is worth the extra cost. Whichever treatment you choose, the smile that results will be more than worth the time and money invested in creating it.

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