Illustrations: Placing an Implant


ImplantIllustration1                 ImplantIllustration2                
1.The implant is placed into the hole in the bone.                 2. A hole is drilled in the bone.                
ImplantIllustration3                 ImplantIllustration4                
3. The implant is placed into the hole in the bone.                 4. The incision is stitched closed.                
ImplantIllustration5                 ImplantIllustration6                
5. After healing, a new incision is made over the implant. A metal piece called a healing cap usually is screwed on top of the implant to guide the tissue as it heals. Later, the healing cap is removed. Then a permanent part, called an abutment (pictured), is screwed onto of the implant. It is used to support a crown.                 6.The crown, which is made to look like a natural tooth, is cemented or screwed onto the abutment.                

Illustrations created by Simple Steps designers Kelly Farrington and Glenna Hartwell


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