Teething Gel for Babies

When your child is teething, you want to do whatever you can to help him feel better. Teething gel for babies can help with the pain, but you should be aware of the ingredients included and always seek advice from your doctor before using them. Below is some helpful information on the types of teething gels available, how safe they are for your baby, and other alternatives to ease your baby's teething pain.

Types of Teething Gels

There are obviously many products available, but you should be looking for homeopathic gels that are benzocaine-free. These gels can help reduce your baby's discomfort without exposure to hazardous ingredients.

Homeopathic and benzocaine-free teething gels use chamomile and other herbal treatments to help ease a child's pain. Check with your pediatrician about possible allergic reactions to the herbal ingredients, but these gels are generally considered the safest option.

Which Teething Gels Aren't Safe?

Many popular teething gels use benzocaine to numb the gums, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advises that benzocaine has been linked to a potentially fatal condition that inhibits oxygen flow in the blood stream, and babies under two years old are at particular risk. The FDA suggests not giving products with this ingredient to babies under two.

Other Ways to Help Your Teething Baby

If you'd prefer not to use any teething gels, there are many other ways to help your baby while he's teething. Longstanding, effective treatments for teething discomfort, such as these from Mayo Clinic, include:

  • Teething rings. These can be refrigerated or even frozen for additional relief.
  • A cold or frozen washcloth. The cold helps soothe your baby's inflamed gums.
  • Arubber baby finger toothbrush. Rub your baby's gums with a baby finger toothbrush (place finger in toothbrush) and let him chew on your finger for relief from teething and it can be used to clean baby's gums.
  • Frozen fruit. If your baby is eating solids, let him chew on frozen fruit or a frozen carrot.
  • Over-the-counter painkillers. Only use products approved for babies, and always follow the directions provided by your doctor.
  • Homeopathic teething tablets. These tablets dissolve in your baby's mouth and can bring natural, soothing relief.

Once your baby's first teeth have arrived, be sure to keep them clean to prevent early cavities. Wipe the teeth with a soft piece of gauze, and cleanse baby's gums at the same time. You can also begin using toothpaste for children, such as fluoride-free My First Colgate, in small amounts to help keep your baby's new teeth healthy.

Homeopathic teething gel for babies are an effective way to help your baby when she is teething, but there are other treatments that can keep your baby just as happy. Always consult with your pediatrician or pediatric dentist about the use of any medications.

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How to care for your infant’s first teeth?

As soon as baby teeth erupt it’s important to start taking care of them. Try toothpaste formulated specially for your little ones.