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wood and hardwood floor cleaner
  • Is Murphy® Oil Soap Original really naturally safe and gentle?

    Yes. Murphy® Oil Soap is a 98% naturally derived wood cleaner.** It contains no ammonia, artificial dyes or fragrances, bleach or harsh detergents, making it kind to your wood.

  • Is rinsing necessary?

    Nope. If used correctly it leaves no residue behind — only a pleasant and natural scent.

  • Will Murphy® Oil Soap products leave a residue?

    Murphy® Oil Soap is a completely water soluble soap and therefore will not leave a residue if used as directed. Just be sure to follow the label instructions.

  • On what surfaces can I use Murphy® Oil Soap Original?

    For a start, finished wood floors, furniture and cabinets. It can also be used on no-wax floors, tile, painted surfaces, laminates, marble, linoleum, vinyl, fabrics and too many others to name.

  • Can Murphy® Oil Soap products be used to clean wood furniture?

    Absolutely, provided your wood is finished. If it's unfinished or waxed, it might affect the integrity of the wood. If you're unsure, test-wash an inconspicuous area with water.

  • Does Murphy® Oil Soap damage finished floors?

    As long as the surface has an intact finish, you're good to go. Unfinished or waxed wood may be water sensitive. If unsure, test an inconspicuous area with water.

  • How can a water-based cleaner be safe for wood floors, furniture and other wood surfaces?

    Good question. Most wood flooring and furniture have water-resistant finishes, so a water-based cleaner can't harm them. Only if your wood is unfinished or waxed would we recommend against using it.

  • How can I tell if my wood flooring has a finish or polyurethane coating?

    If the floor has a shiny appearance, then it’s likely been coated with polyurethane.

    To be sure, you can test the surface of the flooring in an inconspicuous spot with a drop of water. If it beads up, polyurethane was probably used. If the water absorbs into the floor, do not use any water-based product.

  • Is Murphy® Oil Soap Original safe to use if I plan to recoat my wood flooring?

    Totally. Tests show that new polyurethane coats adhere perfectly to wood floors cleaned with Murphy® Oil Soap Original as if they were made for each other.

  • Can I dilute Murphy® Oil Soap Original and use it in the spray bottle?

    Just like you wouldn’t mix milk with orange juice, you shouldn’t use Murphy® Oil Soap to refill and spray bottle. Murphy® Oil Soap and Murphy® Oil Soap Clean & Shine Orange Oil Spray are different cleaners with different formulations.

  • Is Murphy® Oil Soap biodegradable?

    Yes, naturally. Murphy® Oil Soap Original, Murphy® Oil Soap Squirt & Mop and Murphy® Oil Soap Clean & Shine Orange Oil Spray are biodegradable. What else would you expect from a product made from 98% naturally derived ingredients?

  • Are the bottles recyclable?

    You and Mother Nature will be happy to know that bottles that contain Murphy® Oil Soap can be recycled as a #1 recyclable item.

  • Does Murphy® Oil Soap contain oil?

    There is no oil in Murphy® Oil Soap. Although pine oil is used as the raw material, once the ingredients are transformed into soap, no "free oil" remains in the final product. This is called soaponification and therefore no oil residue is left behind.

  • Does Murphy® Oil Soap leave an oily residue that will damage my floor's finish?

    No, Murphy® Oil Soap will not leave any oily residue since it does not actually contain any "free oil." See previous question regarding Soaponification.

*Murphy® Oil Soap brings out the natural beauty of wood and hardwood floors and we donate to reforestation by supporting the Arbor Day Foundation in 2013.

**98% Natural Wood Cleaner. Specially formulated with: water, coconut & plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients.