Murphy Oil Soap - Safely Cleans Wood
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  • Keep It Clean

    Dirt and grime buildup can damage the surface of your wood. So sweep and vacuum regularly. When you vacuum, use a brush-type vacuum so you don't damage the finish of your wood.

  • Get Floor Mats

    It's a good idea to place breathable, dirt-catching mats at any entrance to your floor. This way dirt from shoes comes off on the mat and not your floors.

  • Go Shoeless

    High heels, tap shoes, athletic cleats - all are terrible for your floors. Even regular shoes can cause damage over time, so keep your home cleaner, leave your shoes at the front door.

  • Clip Claws

    Dogs' claws can scratch up the surface of your beautiful wood, so make sure you keep your loveable canine's nails clipped.

  • Avoid Sun

    Exposure to direct sunlight can cause your wood to fade. Sunlight also prematurely ages wood just like it does people, so keep shades and blinds closed to protect your wood on sunny days.

  • Use Coasters

    Mom made you use them for good reason. They shield your wood from water rings and heat rings as well as white spots caused by excess water. So enforce them just like mom did.

  • Pads protect floors

    To avoid leaving dents in your wood floor, use 1-inch-wide felt pads under furniture legs, particularly if you have soft wood, like pine.

  • Wipe Away Spills

    Mop up spills quickly using a soft cloth and the gentle power of Murphy® Oil Soap. Failure to do so could result in white spots, which could ruin the finish of your wood.

  • Never Drag on Wood

    Always lift furniture rather than dragging it. If you need to move heavy objects across your floor, always use a dolly and protective sheets of plywood.

  • Temperature Matters

    Wood reacts to extremes of hot and cold temperatures by expanding and contracting accordingly. It can lead to cracks. To avoid this, always use a dehumidifier or air conditioning on hot days. Similarly, when it gets cold, make sure the humidifier is on along with the heating. This can keep your floor or furniture pieces at a nice even temperature, and crack-free.

*Murphy® Oil Soap brings out wood's natural beauty & donates to reforestation by supporting the Arbor Day Foundation in 2013

**Specially formulated with: water, coconut & plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients