Murphy Oil Soap - Safely Cleans Wood
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  • Vacuum Regularly

    Gritty dust can scratch the surface of your beautiful wood. Make sure you use a brush-type vacuum so as not to damage the finish of your wood.

  • Keep it Dry

    Never let wood get wet or soaked. Spills can result in cracks, so mop up right away.

  • Easy Dust It

    If you have sealed wood surfaces, clean and dust your cabinets, chests and bookcases with Murphy® Soft Wipes. Use one premoistened wipe, refolding until the entire wipe is dirty, and then toss it. Repeat if needed and allow your wood piece to air-dry.

  • Test Is Best

    Before you clean your wood with any Murphy® Oil Soap product, test it with water in a hidden area. If you spot discoloration or flaking, your wood might need refinishing. Testing every few months will ensure you don't accidently damage your wood.

  • For More Than Wood

    Remember, Murphy® Oil Soap is just as good on non-wood surfaces such as no-wax floors, tile, laminates, marble, linoleum, granite and vinyl.

*Murphy® Oil Soap brings out wood's natural beauty & donates to reforestation by supporting the Arbor Day Foundation in 2013

**Specially formulated with: water, coconut & plant-derived cleaning ingredients, natural fragrance, and 2% synthetic ingredients