Colgate's sharp focus on its core business categories and proven global strategies is key to achieving our business goals. This focus, supported by Colgate's global values of Caring, Continuous Improvement and Global Teamwork, has enabled the Company to build a strong foundation for success. By strengthening our fundamentals Colgate is fueling profitable growth worldwide. Colgate achieved another year of strong results in 2013, despite volatile currencies and challenging macroeconomic conditions worldwide. Colgate people remain sharply focused behind the Company's four strategic initiatives:

Engaging To Build Our Brands With Consumers

Engaging with consumers is at the heart of Colgate's focused global strategy that drives the Company's strong performance and market share gains worldwide. Stronger consumer engagement begins with better insights. We are obtaining deeper and more meaningful consumer insights and using them to strengthen product development, packaging and the communications we deliver through our integrated marketing campaigns. These innovative marketing programs deliver our brand messages using a combination of traditional media outlets, in-store communications and newer digital outlets, including social media.

Engaging Consumers In Non-Traditional Ways - United States / Read More Watch Video >

Around the world, Colgate is engaging with consumers in non-traditional ways. In the U.S., as part of the launch of Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield mouthwash, Colgate partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to invite consumers to participate in A Wish For A Swish, an event in New York City's Times Square where a new Guinness World Record was set for the most people swishing with mouthwash simultaneously. With the addition of mouthwash to the Colgate Total brand portfolio, U.S. consumers can use the complete oral care regimen for a healthier mouth. This message was communicated across a record number of in-store displays, which together with robust marketing support across television, print, online and social media outlets, contributed to overall category growth in the U.S. and a 5.6% mouthwash market share for Colgate for the year.

Engaging To Build Our Brands With The Profession

Colgate is driving engagement and building our leadership with dental and veterinary professionals to strengthen their endorsement of our brands. This, in turn, builds market share and brand loyalty. Colgate helps educate dental and veterinary professionals about the science behind Colgate and Hill's products by being deeply involved with academia, professional organizations and conventions, and public health activities to improve oral health, pet health and good hygiene habits around the world.

Engaging With Key Influencers To Provide Health Education In Schools - Brazil / Read More

Colgate is committed to providing oral health and hand washing education around the world. In Brazil, Colgate is partnering with the Ministries of Health and Education to raise awareness about good oral hygiene and proper hand washing by providing education on these topics at primary schools throughout the country. As part of this unique "Health at School" program, Colgate provides washing sinks at selected schools where children receive instruction from dental and other health professionals on how to properly brush their teeth and wash their hands. The program is extending the reach of Colgate's "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" oral health education program and the Company's global hand washing programs. By the end of 2013, over 1.5 million children had participated in the "Health at School" program in 633 cities throughout Brazil.

Engaging To Build Our Brands With Our Customers

Across retail environments, whether small rural stores or large global chains, Colgate is working closely with its retail partners to share expertise and provide shoppers with the best value and service. Colgate is engaging its customers worldwide by sharing unique shopper insights, providing innovative in-store marketing communications and merchandising techniques and developing and executing joint business planning initiatives. These activities ensure the right product assortment at each location and help to make shopping a consumer-friendly, enjoyable experience that drives increased sales for both Colgate and the retailer.

Increasing Customer Service Everywhere - Cameroon / Read More Watch Video >

Meeting customer needs in all retail environments is key to driving growth. In Cameroon, Colgate is engaging customers in innovative ways to improve coverage and customer service levels in small shops and rural towns. By using branded three-wheeled motorcycles, known locally as tricycles, Colgate is able to distribute large quantities of products to more small rural retail environments. Effective scheduling of these vehicles accelerated retail coverage in these areas and increased the number of customer visits each day by 80%. Distribution and service levels also improved significantly. Deliveries per week increased 500% and sales increased over 40%. This innovative, cost effective strategy is now being utilized in other emerging markets around the world.

Innovation For Growth

At Colgate, developing innovative new products is a key driver of profitable growth. Colgate's nine consumer innovation centers, in strategic locations throughout the world, are focused on developing insight-driven innovation that provides value-added new products across all price points. Marketing personnel work closely with scientists and other researchers, as well as external organizations and academia, to ensure we have the technology in place to meet both short-and-long-term consumer needs. Beyond new products, innovation is embedded into the Company's culture to encourage new ideas and improved processes throughout every aspect of the organization — from the supply chain to marketing to finance and all support services.

Breakthrough Technology Fighting Cavities Worldwide - Global / Read More Watch Video >

Recently launched in Turkey and Brazil, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer is the first and only anti-cavity toothpaste that directly fights sugar acids in plaque, the leading cause of cavities. While fluoride alone reverses the damage caused by the sugar acids on the tooth enamel, the patented technology in Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer helps neutralize sugar acids before they can harm teeth, keeping the mouth healthy. Clinically proven to reduce early tooth decay by half, Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutralizer toothpaste will be rolled out globally with a focus on emerging markets. Colgate is partnering with the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future, a charitable organization representing a worldwide group of dental and public health experts, to undertake an innovative approach to educate communities and dental professionals that cavities are still a major public health issue.

Breakthrough Formula Helping Pets Lose Weight - Hill's Pet Nutrition / Read More Watch Video >

Helping to address the global obesity epidemic in pets, Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic is the first and only weight management food with proven real-world results. The innovative formula uses a synergistic blend of ingredients that support healthy weight loss. In blind in-home-use tests, 88% of pets lost weight in two months at home. Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic also helps pets feel full and satisfied between meals. Now introduced in more than 50 countries, Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic has delivered strong volume growth, market share gains and double-digit sales increases worldwide.

Effectiveness And Efficiency

Integral to Colgate's global strategy is the ability to generate funds to invest in business growth. Through both established efficiency programs applied to all aspects of our business and ongoing identification of new ways to find savings, the Company constantly strives to improve its organizational capabilities and speed, while reducing costs. Programs are wide-ranging and include many small initiatives, adding up to millions of dollars in savings that fund new product development and marketing activities, as well as help to deliver strong profitability.

Increasing Efficiency By Reducing Energy Use Everywhere - Colombia / Read More Watch Video >

Colgate's global sustainability commitments include reducing energy consumption associated with the manufacture and distribution of our products. In Colombia, as part of a company-wide initiative to promote energy management, employees worked together to reduce energy use and improve overall sustainability efforts across Colombia's manufacturing facility, office and distribution center. More than 60 electricity and natural gas reduction process improvements were implemented, resulting in a 25% reduction in use of electricity, a 17% reduction in use of gas and a 27% reduction in CO2 emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits, annual savings amounted to $3 million. Similar initiatives are now underway at other Colgate locations.

Leading To Win

At Colgate, we have long believed that our values-based culture forms a strong foundation for good governance, which leads to good results. Employees at all levels learn to take personal responsibility for being leaders, and they commit to conducting business with the highest integrity, incorporating Colgate's values of Caring, Continuous Improvement and Global Teamwork into all business activities. Colgate also demonstrates leadership as a member of the global community. Through our sustainability efforts, we are ensuring that the business grows consistently and responsibly and benefits those we serve globally, while promoting the well-being of future generations.

Reaching Even More Children With Oral Health Education - Vietnam / Read More Watch Video >

Since 1991, Colgate's "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" global oral health initiative has provided oral health education to over 750 million children worldwide. In Vietnam, Colgate is extending this reach even further. On Monday mornings, after children at Vietnamese primary schools gather to attend a short flag-raising ceremony, Colgate's Dr. Rabbit appears and utilizes this unique time to provide the students with oral health education and samples of Colgate products. Endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Training and welcomed by students and teachers, this innovative program has enabled Colgate to increase its coverage of students by more than three-fold in eight key cities and provinces throughout Vietnam.