Colgate-Palmolive 2015 Annual Report

Dear Colgate Shareholders

Ian Cook

Ian Cook Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

We are very pleased with our solid results in 2015. While net sales declined 7.0%, organic sales, or net sales excluding foreign exchange, acquisitions and divestments, grew a strong 5.0%. All operating divisions contributed to the strong organic sales growth, led by emerging markets, where organic sales grew a robust 7.0%. Operating profit margin and net income as a percent to sales both increased in 2015, despite an intense competitive environment, significant foreign exchange volatility and challenging macroeconomic conditions worldwide. Diluted earnings per share decreased 4% on a dollar basis, but increased double digit on a currency neutral basis.*

We maintained our strong balance sheet and cash flow, which, along with the Company’s consistent organic sales growth, led the Board of Directors to authorize a 6% increase in the quarterly cash dividend, effective in the second quarter of 2015.

Our market shares are growing around the world with Colgate’s leading share of the global toothpaste market reaching 45.0% for the year. We are delivering solid, consistent results despite a challenging economic environment because we remain sharply focused on global growth. For the past decade, Colgate has been guided by four strategic initiatives that have been fundamental to our success. These strategies are Engaging to Build Our Brands with consumers, health professionals and customers; Innovation for Growth to encourage new ideas, new products and processes; Effectiveness and Efficiency to drive growth; and Leading to Win to strengthen our Colgate culture and develop the next generation of leaders.

Strengthening Consumer Engagement

Engaging with consumers is at the heart of Colgate’s focused global strategy, and we are strengthening this engagement in unique and innovative ways. When we launched Palmolive Aroma Moments shower and bath products in the United Kingdom, we invited music lovers at a popular 11-day outdoor festival in London’s Hyde Park to “Choose Their Mood” from among the new Aroma Moments mood-enhancing fragrances. Over 345,000 festival goers were offered colorful garlands to encircle their heads and face paint of beautiful florals reflecting the brand’s bold colors. The success of this event helped increase market share for Palmolive shower gels by 30 basis points in the United Kingdom in 2015.

In India, recognizing that parents everywhere always want their children to have better lives than they had, we are using integrated marketing communications to make an emotional connection with parents. For the past six years, Colgate has run a program that provides scholarships to children. More than 1,200 children have received scholarships to date. We found that the grants have truly enriched their lives, a story we tell in a video to encourage others to apply. The heart-warming video, for use on social media and television, brings to life what the scholarship has meant to one child and his family. The video has attracted over 650,000 views online and has had over 45 million television impressions.

We are increasingly using digital media to communicate our brand messages. In 2015, digital media accounted for 20% of our advertising investment compared to 6.5% in 2010, and we expect this increasing trend to continue. A video we created for online use for Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight pet food is a good example. The goal of the video was to create awareness for pet obesity and provide education on the topic to pet parents. The pet parents were then asked to take the “Perfect Weight 10-week Turnaround” challenge and watch their pets lose weight. The emotionally engaging video ended by directing viewers to the Hill’s website, where they could receive more information. Many pet parents even posted their own stories to share. This video helped Hill’s Science Diet strengthen its leading share of the weight management category in the United States by 70 basis points in 2015 to 29.3%.

We are proud that Colgate’s leading brands are winning with consumers worldwide. In Kantar Worldpanel’s 2015 Brand Footprint report, a global ranking of the most chosen consumer brands, Colgate ranked as the brand purchased by the most households in the world. In fact, according to the survey, Colgate is the only consumer goods brand bought by more than half of the world’s households.

Innovating Across All Categories

Developing innovative new products in all categories is a key driver of Colgate’s growth. Our innovation process combines consumer insights and scientific innovation to bring to life new products that consumers will enjoy.

In toothpaste, building on the success of our whitening franchise, we are now launching Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact White, which provides four shades visibly whiter teeth in six weeks and starts working in just three days.

In personal care, the Sanex Advanced line of shower gels, deodorants, hand creams and body lotions, underpinned by science and developed with dermatologists, delivers skin expertise for specific skin needs. Fueled by this latest innovation, Sanex is one of the fastest growing personal care brands across Europe, and, in 2015, its market share in the shower gel and deodorant categories increased in all of the brand’s top three markets of France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

For pets, we brought new science to the category with Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Plus. This is the only clinically proven, dual efficacy pet food that addresses conditions which often accompany pet obesity. Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic Plus Mobility for dogs is formulated to help manage weight and joint health, while Metabolic Plus Urinary for cats manages weight and addresses common urinary conditions in overweight felines.

Leading In Emerging Markets

Emerging markets have been an important part of Colgate’s growth strategy for a long time. By being there early, we have built strong consumer loyalty and leading market share positions in many of our core categories.

Making sure our products are broadly available, even in the tiniest, most remote rural areas, is fundamental to our success in these regions. In India, we are using the power of digital technology to discover gaps in distribution by mapping villages and identifying those that do not have Colgate products. By adding distributors and tripling the number of vans and sales representatives to reach these remote areas, we now cover almost 60,000 villages directly, more than double the number in 2012. As a result, our rural market share for Colgate toothpaste in India increased to 60% in 2015, with our national share at 55%. Importantly, those numbers reflect a pattern of people migrating, over time, from rural villages to larger towns and continuing to use Colgate toothpaste.

Consumption-building activities are also a key part of driving growth in these regions. In 2016, we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our flagship “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” global oral health education program. With new components including an animated video, interactive online games and employee engagement elements, the enriched program is engaging kids, parents, consumers, dental care professionals and community and non-governmental organizations more than ever before. To date, the program has reached more than 850 million children in over 80 countries and our goal is to reach 1.3 billion children by 2020.

Implementing Powerful Commercial Strategies

Colgate’s proven go-to-market strategies center on the goal of making our products available, visible and irresistible. We are committed to superior in-store execution, such as engaging with shoppers in what we call “experience zones.” These are large display structures where shoppers can walk inside, get product samples and learn about product benefits. In a skin care center “experience zone” we created to support the launch of Sanex Advanced shower gels, deodorants, hand creams and body lotions, shoppers were invited to try the products and a consultant was available to discuss the benefits of each item in the range.

Equally important are initiatives that increase professional recommendations for our products. Colgate is the toothpaste brand recommended most often by dentists worldwide. We continue to strengthen our engagement with the dental community in a variety of ways. We are reaching more dental professionals than ever through a new content-rich, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website. Focusing on patient education, the site provides information about dental conditions, treatments, home care and Colgate product benefits. There is also a professional content section which provides information on the science behind Colgate products and access to general dental research.

We are also increasingly using pricing as a valuable strategic tool that provides consumers additional value and improves our ability to drive margins. In Guatemala, for example, we adopted a premiumization strategy for our market-leading Protex antibacterial bar soap. Talking to consumers, we learned that they would be willing to pay more for antibacterial soaps that do not leave their skin feeling dry. Based on this insight, we recommended that the Protex variants with ingredients of natural origin and that provide a moisturizing sensation be priced at a 10% premium and supported the initiative with a marketing campaign that explained the added benefit. In just six months, sales of the premium-priced variants grew significantly, while sustaining record high market shares for the Protex brand.

Generating Savings For Growth

Fundamental to Colgate’s success is generating savings to invest in the growth of our business. Savings are realized through ongoing efficiency initiatives and through the 2012 Restructuring Program, a Global Growth and Efficiency Program designed to improve the Company’s organizational capabilities and streamline our cost structure.

The 2012 Restructuring Program is proceeding smoothly. Since the start of the program, we have established 12 new commercial hubs across all operating divisions. Clustering single-country subsidiaries into more efficient regional hubs is leading to smarter and faster decision making on the ground. Another key initiative is extending Colgate’s business service centers located in Warsaw, Poland, Mumbai, India and Mexico City, Mexico to streamline our global functions. All three centers are fully operational and are providing best-in-class service across an expanding range of functions to Colgate’s subsidiaries and hubs spanning 83 countries.

As part of our ongoing funding-the-growth cost-saving initiatives, we continually look for savings throughout all aspects of our business. These projects are wide-ranging and include many small initiatives that have added up to several hundred million dollars of savings annually. One recent initiative is the simplification and standardization of high impact, point-of-purchase materials for the six countries in our Central America hub. By standardizing display production and repurposing materials using modular, adjustable core structures, graphic materials are now easily swapped out for the next campaign, much like changing a photo in a picture frame. This has reduced the number of structures needed from 15 to three, reduced development time by two months and reduced the cost of these displays by over 30%. The greater potential is to take this initiative and apply it to all regions to realize efficiencies and savings on a global scale.

Looking Ahead

We are obsessively focused on global growth and are confident in the power of our global strategies. Executing these proven strategies with focus and agility, Colgate people remain dedicated to getting done what we agree needs to get done to achieve our business goals. We focus on what is in front of us and continue to make progress in spite of what is going on around us. While we expect foreign currency volatility and economic challenges to continue in 2016, Colgate people have a long record of success in managing through such challenges and delivering results.

Our new product pipeline is as full as ever, and the more savings we achieve, the more opportunities we see for investing in our future growth.

As we move ahead together, I wish to thank all Colgate people worldwide for their personal commitment to achieving our goals with the highest ethical standards, and express appreciation for the support of our consumers, customers, suppliers, shareholders and directors.

Ian Cook Signature

Ian Cook

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

*The Company’s results are discussed excluding a gain from the sale of the Company’s laundry detergent business in the South Pacific and charges resulting from a change in accounting for the Company’s Venezuelan operations, the implementation of the 2012 Restructuring Program and certain other items in 2015 and 2014. A complete reconciliation between reported results (GAAP) and results excluding these items (Non-GAAP), including a description of such items, is available on Colgate’s website and on the Non-GAAP Reconciliation page of this report. Diluted earnings per share growth for full year 2015, on a currency neutral basis, eliminates from diluted earnings per share growth (GAAP) the impact of the items described above and the period-over-period changes in foreign exchange rates in the translation of local currency results into U.S. dollars. Accordingly, for purposes of calculating diluted earnings per share growth for full year 2015, on a currency neutral basis, full year 2015 local currency results, which include the impact of foreign currency transaction gains and losses, are translated into U.S. dollars using 2014 average foreign exchange rates by quarter.

Board Of Directors

Ian Cook - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Colgate-Palmolive Company

Mr. Cook joined Colgate in the United Kingdom in 1976 and progressed through a series of senior management roles around the world. He became Chief Operating Officer in 2004, with responsibility for operations in North America, Europe, Central Europe, Asia and Africa. In 2005, Mr. Cook was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer, responsible for all Colgate operations worldwide, and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2007. Elected director in 2007 and Chairman in 2009. Age 63

John P. Bilbrey - Independent Director, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Hershey Company

Mr. Bilbrey has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Hershey since 2011 and Chairman since 2015. Mr. Bilbrey joined the management team of Hershey as Senior Vice President, President Hershey International in 2003, serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from 2010 to 2011. He previously spent 22 years at The Procter & Gamble Company. Elected director in 2015. Age 59

John T. Cahill - Independent Director, Vice Chairman of The Kraft Heinz Company

Mr. Cahill has been Vice Chairman of The Kraft Heinz Company since 2015. He previously served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kraft Foods Group from 2014 to 2015 and Chairman from 2012 to 2014. Prior to joining Kraft Foods, Mr. Cahill was an industrial partner at Ripplewood Holdings LLC from 2008 to 2011. Mr. Cahill was CEO of The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc. from 2001 to 2003, Chairman and CEO from 2003 to 2006, and Executive Chairman from 2006 to 2007. Elected director in 2005. Age 58

Helene D. Gayle - Independent Director, Chief Executive Officer of McKinsey Social Initiative

Prior to joining McKinsey Social Initiative in 2015, Dr. Gayle was President and Chief Executive Officer of CARE USA from 2006 to 2015. Prior to that, Dr. Gayle was an executive in the Global Health program at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from 2001 to 2006. She previously held multiple key positions at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. Elected director in 2010. Age 60

Ellen M. Hancock - Independent Director, Former President of Jazz Technologies, Inc. (formerly Acquicor Technology),

Mrs. Hancock previously was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Exodus Communications, Inc., Executive Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer at Apple Computer Inc., Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at National Semiconductor and Senior Vice President at IBM. Elected director in 1988. Age 72

Welcome, C. Martin Harris - Independent Director, Chief Information Officer and Chairman of the Information Technology Division of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Dr. Harris has been CIO and Chairman of the Information Technology Division of The Cleveland Clinic Foundation since 1996 and is a Staff Physician for The Cleveland Clinic Hospital and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Department of General Internal Medicine. He has also served as Executive Director of e-Cleveland Clinic since 2000. Elected director in 2016.
Age 59

Richard J. Kogan - Independent Director, Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Schering-Plough Corporation,

Mr. Kogan was also Chairman of Schering-Plough Corporation from 1998 to 2002. Mr. Kogan joined Schering-Plough as Executive Vice President, Pharmaceutical Operations in 1982 and became President and Chief Operating Officer in 1986. Elected director in 1996. Age 74

Delano E. Lewis - Independent Director, Retiring
Former Senior Fellow, New Mexico State University, 2006-2011

Mr. Lewis served as U.S. Ambassador to South Africa from December 1999 to July 2001, Chief Executive Officer and President of National Public Radio from 1994 to 1998, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Company from 1988 to 1993, which he joined in 1973. Director from 1991 to 1999 and since 2001. We sincerely thank Mr. Lewis for over two decades of distinguished service to Colgate and extend our best wishes for his retirement.
Age 77

Welcome, Lorrie M. Norrington - Independent Director, Operating Partner of Lead Edge Capital LLC

Prior to joining Lead Edge in 2013, Ms. Norrington held several senior management roles at eBay from 2005 to 2010, including President of Global eBay Marketplaces, Chief Operating Officer of eBay Marketplaces, President of eBay International and CEO of Previously, she held senior roles at Intuit, Inc. and General Electric Company. Elected director in 2015. Age 56

Michael B. Polk - Independent Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

Prior to joining Newell Rubbermaid in 2011, Mr. Polk held a series of key positions at Unilever from 2003 to 2011, including President, Global Foods, Home and Personal Care from 2010 to 2011. He previously spent 16 years at Kraft Foods. Elected director in 2014. Age 55

J. Pedro Reinhard - Independent Director, Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Dow Chemical Company, 1996-2005

Mr. Reinhard served as Chief Financial Officer of The Dow Chemical Company and Executive Vice President from 1996 to 2005. He previously held a series of senior international financial and operating positions at The Dow Chemical Company. Mr. Reinhard was a Director of The Dow Chemical Company from 1995 to 2007. Director from 2006 to March 2016. Age 70

Stephen I. Sadove - Independent Director, Founding Partner, JW Levin Management Partners LLC

Prior to joining JW Levin Management Partners LLC, a private equity firm, in 2015, Mr. Sadove was Chief Executive Officer of Saks Incorporated from 2006 to 2013 and Chairman of Saks Incorporated from 2007 to 2013. Mr. Sadove joined the management team of Saks as Vice Chairman in 2002, serving as Chief Operating Officer from 2004 to 2006. He previously held a series of key positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Elected director in 2007. Age 64

Management Team

*Ian Cook Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

*Fabian Garcia Chief Operating Officer, Global Innovation and Growth, Europe/South Pacific & Hill's Pet Nutrition

*Franck J. Moison Chief Operating Officer, Emerging Markets & Business Development

*Dennis Hickey Chief Financial Officer

*Jennifer M. Daniels Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Biographical information for the above executives is available on
Colgate's Governance website.

Click here for full management list

Manuel Arrese Chief Procurement Officer

Issam Bachaalani VP & GM, Colgate-India & South Asia

Daniel Bagley VP, Global R&D

Angel Dario Belalcazar VP, Global R&D

Andrea Bernard VP, Global Legal

Joseph M. Bertolini VP, Global Finance

*Peter Brons-Poulsen President & CEO, Hill's Pet Nutrition

Marsha Butler VP, Global Oral Care

Scott Cain VP, Global Finance

Burc Cankat VP & GM, Colgate-Russia & Central Asia

James Capraro VP, Global Information Technology

Rosario Carlino VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

Antonio Caro President & GM, Hill's Pet Nutrition-Europe & Russia

Maria Elisa Carvajal VP, Colgate-Latin America

Natasha Chen VP & GM, Colgate-Southern Europe

Constantina Christopoulou VP, Global R&D

Martin J. Collins VP, Global Legal

*Michael A. Corbo Chief Supply Chain Officer

Mike Crowe Chief Information Officer

Rich Cuprys VP, Global R&D

Marianne DeLorenzo VP, Global Information Technology

*Mukul Deoras Chief Marketing Officer

Bill DeVizio Chief Dental Officer

Robert W. Dietz VP, Global Facilities

Catherine Dillane VP, Colgate-Latin America

*Victoria Dolan VP & Corporate Controller

Gordon Dumesich VP & GM, Hill's Pet Nutrition-Japan

Philip Durocher VP & GM, Colgate-U.S.

Bradley Farr VP & GM, Colgate-South Africa

Jean-Luc Fischer VP & GM, Colgate-Western Europe

Betsy Fishbone VP, Global Legal

Laura Flavin VP, Global Human Resources

Nadine Flynn VP, Global Legal

Scott Geldart VP & GM, Colgate-North Africa & Middle East

Diana Geofroy VP, Colgate-Mexico

Derek Gordon VP & GM, Colgate-Canada

Taylor Gordy VP, Colgate-U.S.

Peter Graylin VP, Global Legal

*Tom Greene Chief Information & Business Services Officer

Jan Guifarro VP, Corporate Communications

Jack J. Haber VP, Global Advertising & Digital

Elise Halvorson VP, Enterprise Risk Management

*Suzan F. Harrison President, Global Oral Care

John Hazlin VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

Raymond Ho VP, Colgate-Asia

Bob Holland VP, Ethics & Compliance

Henry Hu VP, Colgate-Asia

Nina Huffman VP, Global Legal

Traci Hughes-Velez VP, Colgate-Europe/South Pacific

*John J. Huston SVP, Chief of Staff

Henning Jakobsen VP & GM, Colgate-Nordic

N. Jay Jayaraman VP, Global Technology

Elyse Kane VP, Colgate-North America

Eugene Kelly VP, Global Diversity & Inclusion

Raj Kohli VP, Global R&D

Kostas Kontopanos President, Hill's Pet Nutrition, North America

John Kooyman VP, Colgate-Latin America

Wojciech Krol VP & GM, Colgate-Central Europe East

Andrea Lagioia VP & GM, Colgate-Southern Cone

Stephen Lau VP & GM, Colgate-Philippines

*Al Lee Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer

Stephane Lionnet VP, Colgate-North America

Javier Llinas VP, Global Information Technology

Diane Loiselle VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

Moira Loten VP, Global Oral Care

*Daniel B. Marsili SVP, Global Human Resources

Pablo Mascolo VP, Colgate-Latin America

Sally Massey VP, Global Human Resources

Paul McGarry VP, Global Information Technology

Lori Michelin VP, Global Sustainability & Environmental, Health & Safety

Tom Mintel VP, Global Toothbrush Division

Pascal Montilus VP, Colgate-North America

Josue M. Muñoz VP, Global Supply Chain

Francisco Muñoz Ramirez VP & GM, Colgate-Venezuela

*Vinod Nambiar President, Colgate-Asia

Debra Nichols VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

Jesper Nordengaard VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

Ed Oblon VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

*Elaine Paik VP & Corporate Treasurer

*Prabha Parameswaran President, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

Ellen Park VP, Global Legal

Terrell Partee VP, Global R&D

Chris E. Pedersen VP & GM, Colgate-South Pacific

Hector Pedraza VP & GM, Colgate-Andina

Brent Peterson VP, Global Human Resources

Robert C. Pierce VP, Global R&D

Spencer Pingel VP, Global Analytics

Massimo Poli VP & GM, Colgate-U.K. & Ireland

Warren Pruitt VP, Global Supply Chain

Ricardo Ramos VP & GM, Colgate-Brazil

Christopher Rector VP & GM, Global Toothbrush Division

Riccardo Ricci VP, Colgate-Europe/South Pacific

Michelle Ross VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

Debashish Roy VP, Colgate-Africa/Eurasia

Caroline Rudd VP, Global Oral Care

Bernal Saborio VP & GM, Colgate-Caribbean

Arvind Sachdev VP & GM, Colgate-Greater China

Ivan Sandoval VP, Global Legal

David Scharf VP & GM, Colgate-Central America

Dany Schmidt VP & GM, Colgate-Central Europe West

Sara Scrittore VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

Julio Semanate VP, Colgate-Latin America

Alain Semeneri Chief Customer Officer

Jose Fernando Serrano VP, Colgate-Latin America

Drew Shepard VP, Colgate-North America

Phil Shotts VP, Global Finance

*Justin Skala President, Colgate-North America & Global Sustainability

Michael Sload VP & GM, Global Personal Care

Andreas Somers VP, Global R&D

Rick Spann VP, Global Supply Chain

Vangelis Spyridakos VP, Colgate-Europe/South Pacific

Tina Stoian VP, Colgate-Europe/South Pacific

Neil Stout VP, Global Toothbrush Division

Lynne Tapper VP, Global Human Resources

Orlando Tenorio VP, Colgate-Asia

*Bina H. Thompson SVP, Investor Relations

Richard Thorogood VP, Global Insights

Linda Topping VP, Global Supply Chain

Ann Tracy VP, Colgate-Europe/South Pacific

*Panagiotis Tsourapas President, Colgate-Europe/South Pacific

Bill Van de Graaf VP & GM, Colgate-U.S.

*Patricia Verduin Chief Technology Officer

Lucie Claire Vincent VP & GM, Global Home Care

*Noel R. Wallace President, Colgate-Latin America

Cliff Wilkins VP, Global Legal

Ruben Young VP & GM, Colgate-Greater Indo-China

Juan Pablo Zamorano VP & GM, Colgate-Mexico

Alberico Zenzola VP, Global Supply Chain

Julie A. Zerbe VP, Hill's Pet Nutrition

*Corporate Officer

Sustainability Commitment

Colgate is pleased to report excellent progress in 2015 on the Company’s 2015-2020 Sustainability Strategy commitment. The Company was again named to the 2014-2015 Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index, recognized as a U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR 2015 Partner of the Year for the 5th year in a row and was one of two “Consumer Staples” companies named to the “CDP Water A List” in 2015 for leadership in water stewardship. In addition to the highlights below, more about Colgate’s Sustainability Strategy progress is available on Colgate’s Sustainability website at


Promoting Healthier


Contributing to
the Communities
Where We Live
and Work


Delivering Products That
Delight Consumers
and Respect Our Planet


Making Every Drop of
Water Count


Reducing Our
Impact on
Climate and
the Environment

Bullet point

Over half of Colgate employees have been invited to take advantage of a Health Risk Assessment tool to help them self-evaluate health status and understand risks, and to provide confidential feedback to motivate behavior change.

Bullet point

Over 21,000 Colgate employees reached the goal of 500 minutes of healthy activity during the June Global Healthy Activity Challenge, together logging in over 23 million minutes.

Bullet point

Colgate celebrated World AIDS Day at many sites around the world to increase awareness and improve education on the subject of HIV/AIDS. Free and confidential testing was also available in some locations.

Bullet point

The World Health Organization identifies caries, or cavities, as the most chronic global disease. Colgate has the unique ability to address this issue and improve the oral health of children and their families around the world. In 2016, Colgate’s “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” oral health education program celebrates 25 years of educating children and improving oral health. “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” reached over 50 million children in 2015, for a total of over 850 million children since its inception in 1991.

Bullet point

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has contributed pet food with a retail value of nearly $285 million to nearly 1,000 pet shelters since 2002. These donations have helped more than eight million dogs and cats find their forever homes.

Bullet point

Approximately 85% of the products evaluated with Colgate’s Product Sustainability Scorecard were determined to be “more sustainable,” having an improvement in at least one of the following areas: responsible sourcing and raw materials, energy and greenhouse gases, water, waste, ingredient profile, packaging and social metrics.(1)(2)

Bullet point

37% of our packaging materials, by weight globally, now come from recycled sources.

Bullet point

Colgate has made great strides in meeting our commitment to eliminate phthalates, microplastics, formaldehyde donors and parabens from our products. For more information see Colgate’s Policy on Ingredient Safety on the Company’s Sustainability website.

Bullet point

From 2005 to 2015, Colgate reduced water use per ton of production by over 33%, meeting our 2015 goal and avoiding enough water use to fill approximately 7,700 Olympic-sized swimming pools.(2)

Bullet point

Colgate continues to roll out our Save Water campaign globally to promote water conservation awareness, with on-package messaging, in-store communications and a partnership with The Nature Conservancy in the U.S.

Bullet point

Colgate’s contributions to Water For People’s Everyone Forever program helped them to reach nearly 100,000 people in 2015 with water, sanitation systems and/or health and hygiene education in Guatemala, Peru and India.

Bullet point

From 2005 to 2015, Colgate reduced greenhouse gas emissions per ton of production by approximately 25%, exceeding our 2015 goal and avoiding emissions equivalent to removing over 200,000 passenger cars from the road for one year.(2)

Bullet point

Colgate was presented the 2015 Ray Anderson Radical Industrialism Award by the U.S. Green Building Council as recognition for exemplifying sustainability leadership in the evolution of green manufacturing.

Bullet point

Working toward the Company’s goal of “Zero Waste,” Colgate has reduced the amount of waste per ton of production sent to landfills by over 40% since 2010.(2)

Bullet point

Colgate continues its progress on our commitment to mobilize resources to achieve zero net deforestation by 2020 as stated in our Policy on No Deforestation.

  • (1)The performance results are based on review of quantitative and qualitative data for representative products from the product portfolio evaluated against comparable Colgate products, considering a 2010 baseline, across seven impact areas to characterize likely improvement in the sustainability profile.
  • (2)Subject to final certification by a third-party auditor.