Powerful Strategies Driving Global Growth

2016 Annual Report

Engaging To Build Our Brands With Consumers

Stronger consumer engagement begins with better insights. We are obtaining deeper and more meaningful consumer insights and using them to strengthen product development, packaging and the communications we deliver through our integrated marketing campaigns. These innovative marketing programs deliver our brand messages using a combination of traditional media outlets, in-store communications and newer digital outlets, including social media.

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Colgate is creating an emotional connection with consumers via social media and online videos that support the Colgate brand message. “Everyone deserves a future they can smile about.” In Brazil, this Facebook campaign helped drive Colgate’s toothpaste market share to a near record high in 2016.


For the sixth consecutive year, The Economic Times Brand Equity Annual Survey in India ranked Colgate as the Number One Most Trusted Brand in 2016.

Engaging To Build Our Brands With The Profession

Colgate is driving engagement and building our leadership with dental and veterinary professionals to strengthen their endorsement of our brands. Colgate helps educate dental and veterinary professionals about the science behind Colgate and Hill’s products by being deeply involved with academia, professional organizations and conventions, and with public health activities to improve oral health, pet health and good hygiene habits around the world.

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Through office visits and online resources, Colgate educates dental professionals on the benefits of Colgate products and provides them with tools to improve communications with their patients about oral health. These activities support more dialogue on oral health and drive increased recommendations for the Colgate brand.

Engaging To Build Our Brands With Our Customers

Colgate works closely with its retail partners to share expertise and provide shoppers with the best value and service. Colgate is engaging its customers worldwide by sharing unique shopper insights, providing innovative in-store marketing communications and merchandising techniques and developing and executing joint business planning initiatives. These activities ensure the right product assortment at each location and help to make shopping a consumer-friendly experience that drives increased sales for both Colgate and the retailer.

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Captivating in-store displays are reinforcing the Company’s brand messages and driving growth for Colgate and its retail partners. In Mexico, for example, this “Gracias Mamá” marketing campaign for Suavitel fabric conditioner engaged consumers in and out of the store with the message, “Thank you Mom, for all your love.”

Innovation For Growth

Developing innovative new products is a key driver of our profitable growth. The Company’s consumer innovation centers, in strategic locations throughout the world, are focused on developing insight-driven innovation that provides value-added new products across all price points. Beyond new products, innovation is embedded into the Company’s culture to encourage new ideas and process improvements throughout every aspect of the organization.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition
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Innovative new products are driving volume growth worldwide. New Prescription Diet Derm Defense, Hill’s first nutrition specially formulated to help manage environmental sensitivities in dogs, is off to a strong start in North America, Europe, Latin America and Australia and will be rolled out to the rest of the world in early 2017.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Integral to Colgate’s global strategy is the ability to generate funds to invest in business growth. Through both established efficiency programs applied to all aspects of our business and ongoing identification of new ways to find savings, the Company constantly strives to improve its organizational capabilities and speed, while reducing costs.


Colgate is reducing formula and fragrance complexity in its personal care and home care products by leveraging the best performing fragrances and technologies globally. This initiative is driving greater efficiency while strengthening the quality and performance of our products worldwide.

Leading To Win

At Colgate, employees at all levels learn to take personal responsibility for being leaders, and they commit to conducting business with the highest integrity, incorporating Colgate’s values of Caring, Continuous Improvement and Global Teamwork into all business activities. Colgate also demonstrates leadership as a member of the global community. Through our sustainability efforts, we are ensuring that the business grows responsibly and benefits those we serve globally, while promoting the well-being of future generations.

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Colgate’s “Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” oral health education program celebrated its 25-year anniversary in 2016. To date, the program has reached more than 900 million children in over 80 countries with a goal of reaching 1.3 billion children by 2020.