Max White Ultra: Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

3x more EFFECTIVE whitening*

Colgate’s revolution in whitening with deep oxygenated action where millions of free oxygen molecules smartly detect and lift both surface and deep stains.*

*Stains caused by food and drink vs. fluoride toothpaste after 3 days


Clinically proven

whiter teeth in just 3 days!*

Max White Ultra
Active Foam

With a warming sensation and rich foam that contains millions of free oxygen molecules to remove stains effectively.

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Max White Ultra
Freshness Pearls

With freshness pearls for a cooling effect, a brilliant boost of flavour and long-lasting freshness.

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*Stains caused by food and drink.

Enjoy a whiter smile



*Dramatization, results vary. Stains caused by food and drinks. After 4 weeks continued use, 2x daily.

I love how quickly it removed coffee stains from my teeth. I've noticed results in just under a week!! Great affordable toothpaste! I totally recommend it to anyone trying to brighten up their smile!
-Zaneta, Bastingstoke

I have tried lots of toothpaste in the past that promise whitening to no avail. I feel this product is a game changer. The cleaning is so much more powerful and the difference is very noticeable.
-Emma, Ruislip

"Love it"
Absolutely love this my teeth have never looked so good. Been getting so many compliments when I smile and normally I hate smiling. This has given me so much confidence.
-Nicole, Bradford

"Colgate Max White Ultra"
This is exceptional toothpaste. My teeth are at least one shade whiter and lovely and shiny. Will definitely be purchasing this in the future. I have also recommended it to my family and friends, thank you.
-Trisha, Sunderland

Safe & effective
daily whitening

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CLEAN teeth &
FRESH breath
stain removal*

Clinically proven

Enamel safe for daily use

Surface stain removal

Stain prevention


Removes deep stains*



*Stains caused by food and drink.