Colgate ProClinical 360 Whitening Refill Brush Heads 4 Pack

Dazzle with a bright, white smile when you use Colgate® ProClinical 360° whitening toothbrush heads. Not only do these replacement brush heads whiten teeth in just one week* by removing surface stains, but they also reduce 5x more plaque** at your gumline compared to a manual flat-trim toothbrush. The toothbrush heads have a 4x whitening action to help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Spiral bristles help to remove surface stains, a soft rubber cup polishes teeth, soft thin-tipped bristles sweep along the gumline and the tongue and cheek cleaner helps to remove odour causing bacteria. Now you can have brilliant, white smile with Colgate® ProClinical 360° whitening replacement brush heads.

*By removing surface stains

**Compared to a manual flat-trim toothbrush


  • Soft, thin tipped bristles

  • Power tip bristles

  • Soft rubber cup

  • Tongue and cheek cleaner

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