All Adult Oral Care Information

  • What is Good Oral Hygiene?

    What is good oral hygiene? Learn how you can assess your own teeth and gums to make sure you have good oral
  • How do I Care for my Teeth as an Adult?

    Colgate offers information on oral care for adults including adult fluoride treatments and technological advancements in the visibility of braces.
  • Women's Oral Health and Overall Health

    Oral health and gum disease can greatly impact heart disease, diabetes & pregnancy problems in women. Colgate offers information linking oral health with overall health.
  • Solving the Calculus Removal Mystery

    Calculus removal is important for good oral health. Learn more about calculus removal including calculus types, the calculus removal process.
  • picking the best toothbrush for braces

    Finding the best toothbrush for braces is ideal to keeping the teeth and gums healthy during treatment. Here are a few things you can look for.