Shira Pilch, PhD



Dental Experts: Shira Pilch

Director, Oral Care Early Research

Dr. Shira Pilch is currently the director of China Global Technology Center, located in Guangzhou, China. Previously, Shira was a director in Oral Care, Early Research. She and her Early Research team are responsible for wide range of research programs involving Physical Sciences, with a concentration in the hard tissue and active delivery areas. Shira has spent over 20 years in Oral Care with a cross-functional experience that includes Early Research, Product Development, and Implementation & Support. During her time at Colgate, Shira has spearheaded the development of many innovative technologies that have delivered a wide range of oral care benefits in both the professional and consumer markets. She has authored several book chapters and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and she holds more than 20 US and international patents. Shira is currently a voting member of the US Technical Advisory Group for the International Standard Organization. Shira received her BS degree with Honors in Chemistry from Tsinghua University and her PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from Rutgers University.