Venda Porter Maloney, PhD



Venda Porter Maloney

Associate Director, Oral Care Therapeutics

Dr. Venda Porter Maloney currently leads the Global Therapeutics Oral Care Product Development team. She and her team deliver innovative products to improve oral health through the prevention of plaque, tartar, malodor and diseases like gingivitis. Product development involves both the formulation of a stable delivery system for ingredients and the incorporation of elements which enable people to truly enjoy the usage experience. Venda began her Colgate career in 2007 as a research scientist working on new therapeutic technologies for Colgate Total toothpaste. She has been a key contributor to many new product innovations including Max White Optic Instant whitening toothpaste, Optic White toothpaste, Plax mouthwash and Colgate Total. During her time at Colgate, Venda has published in peer reviewed journals, presented at international conferences, and been granted more than 20 US patents. Venda holds a BA degree in Physics and Chemistry from Hamline University and a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.