Colgate® Duraphat® Varnish

  • High Fluoride concentration 22,600 ppm F ( NaF) for long term caries protection
  • High Adhesion even on moist surfaces for quick and easy application
  • Good Taste for enhanced patient acceptance
  • Outstanding clinical dossier and 15 million patient application


Clinical Experience of Duraphat has been widely demonstrated and published for over 150 clinical studies in 30 years.

  • Prevention of caries and of evolution of caries process
  • Very low risk of ingestion due to the varnish form
  • Quick and easy application
  • No prolonged immobilization in chair Painless, well accepted by patients

    Caries prevention in adults and children as part of a comprehensive control programme

    • Prevention of recurring( or marginal) caries
    • Prevention of progression of caries
    • Prevention of decalcification around orthodontic appliance
    • Prevention of pit and fissure (occlusal) caries

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