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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Colgate Total® work?

    Colgate Total® gives you whole mouth health. The Colgate Total® technology uses a unique combination of ingredients like zinc and arginine, and forms a pro-active barrier that fights bacteria not just on teeth, but also your tongue, cheeks & gums, so that your whole mouth is healthy.

  • What do zinc and arginine do?

    Zinc proactively fights against bacteria in the mouth, and arginine works to enhance its delivery so that your whole mouth – teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums - gets the benefits of its advanced protection.

  • How safe are zinc and arginine?

    Zinc is an essential mineral known for its antibacterial properties. Arginine is an amino acid known to be a building block of proteins. Both play critical roles in our bodies including growth and development and promotion of a healthy immune system. Both zinc and arginine are naturally present in our mouths. Based on hundreds of studies on the safety of zinc products, zinc in toothpaste is safe for use. Arginine has a long history of safe use as an ingredient in food and is categorized by the EU Commission and the US FDA as being safe for use in food. Based on safety data, arginine in oral care products is safe for use.

  • Is Colgate Total® safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers?

    The ingredients in Colgate Total® have been proven safe and effective. You can be assured that Colgate-Palmolive will introduce products into the marketplace only after their ingredients have established an exhaustive scientific record of safety and efficacy. Our daily diet contains many times more arginine than what is possibly ingested during the use of this toothpaste. Similarly, zinc is an essential element that is found in our daily food. The amount of zinc that is possibly ingested during the use of our toothpaste is far below our daily dietary intake and well within the levels that have been confirmed by international safety authorities to be safe. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, as with any product, we recommend seeking the advice of your medical or dental professional.

  • Is Colgate Total® safe for children?

    Yes, it is safe for children when used within the recommended conditions for all fluoride toothpastes. Zinc is an essential element, and arginine is a nutrient, both are naturally occurring in a healthy diet for all ages.

  • What are the different types of Colgate Total®?

    Please visit: Colgate Total® to learn more about the different types and benefits of Colgate Total® .

  • Does Colgate Total® contain alcohol?

    None of the Colgate Total toothpastes contain alcohol.

  • Where can I buy the Colgate Total®?

    Colgate Total® will be available across key retail stores, online and offline. You can visit ‘Buy Now’ link destination of Colgate Total® to buy now