Oral Cancer Information Is Just a Click Away

A suspicion or diagnosis of oral cancer can be frightening for an individual and his or her loved ones.

But the American Society of Clinical Oncology has designed a special Web site, People Living With Cancer, to help patients and families make informed health care decisions.

The site offers information on more then 50 types of cancer, including oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer, salivary gland cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer and nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer.

The Web site also has detailed information on clinical trials, coping and side effects, plus an oncologist database, message boards and patient support information.

According to the American Cancer Society, oral cavity and pharynx cancers account for about 3 percent of all cancers in the United States. An estimated 29,370 people will develop head and neck cancers and an estimated 7,320 deaths are predicted in 2005.

The Web site offers detailed head and neck cancer information, including sections on risk factors and prevention, symptoms, diagnosis, staging, treatment, questions to ask the doctor and research on the horizon.

Log on today for more information at "www.plwc.org".

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