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What to Eat After Tooth Extraction

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Have you just had a tooth extraction or found out you may need one? Surgically removing a tooth is a brave step that can help improve your dental health in the long run - so well done! You may experience tenderness or discomfort after the procedure, making chewing and eating a bit challenging. Certain foods can help ease you through the recovery phase, while others can agitate the area. Here are some foods you can eat after your tooth extraction.

What to Eat After Tooth Extraction:

Try some soft foods and liquids; these are great because they require less biting and chewing. The temperature of the food you eat after a tooth extraction is something to consider too. Extremely hot or cold foods may cause soreness in the area, but you can enjoy cool or room temperature alternatives.

Cool Soup

Soup is not only easy to eat, but it contains nutrients and proteins that are good for you. Have a lukewarm or cold bowl of soup as part of your aftercare routine; you can add a few easy-to-chew ingredients like small pieces of vegetables and pasta.


A smoothie is a great way to enjoy fruit after your tooth extraction. Blend your favorite fruits with some yogurt or kefir to add protein, calcium, and probiotics to the drink. You can add yogurt or similar dairy products to reduce acidity, which is less likely to irritate tender gums. Avoid using a straw when drinking your smoothie or any liquids as the sucking action can forcefully remove the blood clot protecting the empty tooth socket. Doing this can reduce the risk of getting a dry socket after extraction.

Scrambled eggs

Fluffy scrambled eggs are easy to chew and high in protein. Remember to let the eggs cool down first, as hot foods can cause discomfort.

Mashed or Pureed Foods

You can still get all the nutrients your body needs while eating soft foods after removing a tooth. Mash or puree your favorite fruits and vegetables like potatoes, squash, green beans, carrots, bananas, and avocados.

What Not to Eat After Tooth Extraction

Spicy and Acidic Foods

You may want to avoid spicy and acidic foods after removing a tooth. Hot sauces, soft drinks, and lemon can irritate a sensitive mouth and gums.

Crunchy Snacks

Biting and chewing solid foods will be difficult for a couple of days. Stay clear of popcorn, chips, nuts, and other hard to eat snacks.

It is essential to take special care of your tender gums and mouth after your tooth extraction. You can reduce the discomfort by eating soft foods and liquids while you heal. The great news is you can still enjoy delicious and nutritious food like soup bowls, healthy smoothies, and mashed or pureed fruits and vegetables after the procedure. Get creative and add your special touch to these soft food suggestions!

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