Artwork - Luca Dimitrie Roman

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Luca Dimitrie Roman

Age 7
Luca Dimitrie Roman

Radauti, Romania

Luca lives in a house in the city with his parents and sister. He has two pets, a dog and a cat, and would like to have a horse one day. In his free time, he likes to play football, draw, and ride his bike.

Luca speaks Romanian and English, and his mother is also teaching him Ukrainian at home. His favorite subject in school is mathematics, and he likes his teacher because she treats all children equally.

Luca’s favorite season is summer, because he gets to go to the seaside and swim. He would take a visitor to see the Sucevita Monastery, Sucevea Fortress, and the Ethnographic Museum of Radauti. Luca would like to visit the United States and see the Statue of Liberty.