Artwork - Manha Nabeel

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Manha Nabeel

Age 9
Manha Nabeel

Lahore Grammar School, Lahore, Pakistan
Pop Music

Manha lives in a house in Lahore, Pakistan, with her parents, brother, sister, and her pet cat. At home she speaks English, but she also likes to speak Urdu. She is learning German. Manha enjoys playing the piano, reading books, cycling, and painting. She’d like to be a well-known artist when she grows up.

Manha’s favorite subjects are English and art. She likes to spend time in the art room during the day. If she could travel anywhere in the world, Manha would like to go to Canada to see Niagra Falls. Manha’s country is known for historical places, such as Badshahi Mosque and Shahi Qilla, an ancient fort.