Artwork - Shivesh Pranav Prasad

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MAY 2015
Colgate My Bright Smile™ Global Art Contest Winner

Shivesh Pranav Prasad

Age 8
Shivesh Pranav Prasad

Labasa Sangam Primary School, Labasa, Fiji
Spongebob Squarepants and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Shivesh lives in Labasa, Fiji, which is a hot place with tropical plants and delicious seasonal fruits. His parents and grandparents are also from Labasa. Shivesh loves to read, draw, and play computer games, especially racing games. At school Shivesh likes to learn math and play with friends in the playground.

Shivesh speaks Hindi at home and he is learning English at school. His favorite holiday is Diwali because the house is decorated with lights, sweets are made, and he plays with firecrackers after prayers. He listens to Hindi classical music, and plays the harmonium and keyboard.