Co Supernova FAQ Accordion

Frequent Asked Questions

  • How do I ensure proper fit?

    Once you've applied the It's Lit serum, position the device so that the power button is facing upwards and insert into your mouth.

    Make sure your upper and lower teeth are seated completely in the device.

  • Will the light get hot during use?

    No, the SuperNova Device will remain cool during use.

  • How long will the teeth whitening results last?

    The length of your results can vary greatly, based on your consumption of staining agents, like tea, coffee, and wine. Smoking is also a big staining agent.

    That said, most users report that their teeth whitening results last for four to six months.

    Pair with Oh So Dazzling Enzyme-Powered Whitening Toothpaste and Later, Stains! to help maintain a bright, radiant smile.

  • How white will my teeth get?

    While everyone’s results vary, if properly used for 10 minutes a day for 10 days, your teeth should be six shades whiter, comparable to what you’d receive from a professional whitening treatment in a dentist’s office.

    That’s a big enough difference to take before-and-after photos!

  • Can I eat after whitening my teeth?

    Make sure not to brush your teeth or eat, and avoid drinking alcohol for 4 hours after use.

    After 4 hours, brush your teeth.

  • How often do I use the teeth whitening system?

    Whenever you feel like it’s time to brighten up your smile!

    The typical time between treatment cycles is three months.

    We recommend using our SuperNova Device up to four times a year to maintain a great looking smile.

    As with professional whitening, if you'd like to whiten your smile more than four times per year, please consult a dentist.

  • Do I have to do it every day?

    For best results, you should use the device for 10 days in a row.

    It can also be used for touch up treatments if you need a quick boost of brightness!


  • Is the device safe for use? Will it damage my teeth?

    We take the safety of your dental care seriously!

    Our SuperNova Teeth Whitening Device has been rigorously tested and is 100% safe for consumer use.

    It won't harm your tooth enamel or gums.

  • Why is the blue light not working?

    Check to see that your SuperNova device is properly charged.

    If the green flashing light does not come on during charging:

    • Make sure the power cord is plugged into both the power outlet and the charging case.

    • Reposition the device in the charging case to ensure it’s seated on the charging contacts.

    • If the device is still not lighting up or charging, please contact us for a replacement if your device is within the warranty period.

  • What makes the blue light work?

    We're glad you asked!

    Our unique blue light technology contains approximately 700 or more LED diodes that give off a very specific 400-420 nm wavelength of light.

    These tiny, powerful lights make tooth stains more receptive to the bleaching power of hydrogen peroxide, and are effective against a broad spectrum of stains.

    The shape of the device covers both top and bottom tooth arches, for complete coverage.

    You can expect your teeth to be 6 shades whiter after 10 minutes a day for 10 days in a row.

  • Do my teeth need to be dry before doing the treatment?

    Prepare for takeoff by brushing teeth before bed then patting the teeth dry.

    The drier they are, the more brilliance they absorb.

  • Where do I store the device and pen?

    Store the LED device in the charging case.

    Keep the wand away from heat and flames.

  • How do I charge the device?

    Give the SuperNova LED device a good night’s charge (or for at least 4 hours) before using.

    FYI the power button will BLINK GREEN while charging.

    When it’s full of power, it will STAY GREEN.

    Remove the SuperNova from the charging case when it’s full of star power.


  • Do I apply the pen on the tray or on my teeth?

    On your teeth!

    We recommend drying your teeth before applying the wand for a better usage experience.

    As you click the wand, serum will start to come out.

    You may have to click a few times extra to start the serum. The bristles will begin to look shiny when there is serum.

    Holding the brush in the light will help you see where the serum is coming from and when it starts to come out.

    Practice makes perfect! The more you use it, the easier it will be. It will take some time to get used to how to use the wand and you will get better at being able to tell how much you've applied over time.

    It will be obvious when you've put too much on a tooth because the serum will feel very thick and sticky. But not to worry, no harm no foul.

  • How do I turn the device on/off?

    Simply press the power button to turn the SuperNova Device on.

    You'll know it’s on when the power button shines green. After 5 minutes the device will beep to let you know it’s half way through treatment.

    After 10 minutes of treatment, when the fun is over, the SuperNova LED Device will beep twice, and power off on its own.