Cajetan Dogo Ph.D



Cajetan Dogo

Technical Associate

Dr. Cajetan Dogo currently works in the Whitening Product Development Oral Care Division where he focuses on innovating to support Colgate’s global whitening portfolio. His responsibilities include the development of efficacious formulations, identifying, and supporting compelling product claims. Cajetan’s expertise in small molecule synthesis, catalysis, and biochemistry has enabled him to be a unique contributor to the whitening program. He has been involved in multiple product launches and led a program on tooth stain fundamentals which dimensionalized knowledge on stains and allowed for the development of methods to communicate the potency of our premium whitening formulations in differentiated ways. Cajetan holds a Ph.D from Johns Hopkins University and a BSc. for Coppin State University. Prior to joining Colgate in 2013, he performed his postdoctoral research at the National Institutes of Health studying HIV cell entry inhibition as an antiviral mechanism. Cajetan has contributed 12 peer reviewed scientific articles in the fields of biology and chemistry.