Payal Arora, PhD



Payal Arora

Senior Technical Associate

Dr. Payal Arora currently works in Early Research oral care. She and her team is responsible for developing portfolio/pipeline of innovative natural technologies for delivering customized and precise oral care solutions based on specific consumer needs. Working with the global natural teams one of her key focus is to understand science behind regional traditional natural ingredients and helps translate that into unique products concepts and claims. Payal has over 18 years of R&D experience and broad expertise and background from big pharmaceutical drug industries (Roche and Janssen pharmaceuticals) in systemic diseases areas; Diabetes, Regenerative Medicine and Virology. She has authored 16 publications in some of the highest impact journals in the space and holds number of patents. Payal holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from India and Postdoctoral Fellowships in Virology and Oncology from South Korea and USA.