Artista Yijie, Marzo 2012

MARCH 2012

  • Name: Yijie
  • Age: 8
  • School: Fuxing Dong Lu No.3 Primary School, Shanghai, China
  • Favorite Holiday:
    International Children's Day
Artista Yijie

Shanghai sits on the Yangtze River Delta on China's eastern coast, roughly equidistant from Beijing and Hong Kong. Yijie's favorite neighborhood spot is Fuxing Park, because the air is fresh and there are many interesting plants. He plays the electronic organ and likes to read, draw and watch TV. Yijie would like to be a teacher, doctor or businessman when he grows up. If he had visitors who had never been to China, he would serve them small steamed buns. And if he could go anywhere, he would visit Austria to experience the music.