Artista Jimena Zuñiga Noguera, Julio 2014

JUly 2014

  • Name: Jimena Zuñiga Noguera
  • Age: 8
  • School: Escuela Excelencia de Fatima, Heredia, Costa Rica
  • Favorite Sport: 
    Rhythmic Gymnastics
Artista Jimena Zuñiga Noguera

Jimena lives in Costa Rica, where there are a lot of plants, children, and warm weather. She thinks the nearby capital, Puntarenas, is the most beautiful place in her neighborhood because of the ocean, birds, and trees.

During her free time, Jimena likes to play with her younger brother. Her favorite holiday is Christmas, when she gets to help her mother with the Christmas tree, decorations, and making the holiday dinner. If Jimena could travel to another country, it would be Mexico because there is a lot of nature.