Artista Julia Miulavczyk, Abril 2015

april 2015

  • Name: Julia Miulavczyk
  • Age: 6
  • School: Primary School
    in Stoczku Lukowskim, Stoczku Lukowskim, Poland
  • Favorite Music:
    Pop music
Artista Julia Miulavczyk

Julia lives with her family in a cozy house in the city of Stoczku Lukowskim, Poland. She has a fish for a pet. In her free time, she enjoys painting, riding her bike, and singing. When she grows up, Julia would like to work as an assistant in a toy shop.

Julia loves her school because her teacher is always in a good mood and she can rely on her friends. Her mother drives her to school every day. Her favorite subjects are art and physical education, and her favorite part of the school day is lunchtime.