Artista Narathip Choermue, Diciembre 2014

decEMBER 2014

  • Name: Narathip Choermue
  • Age: 8
  • School: Takoeplabpla Pittaya School, Takoe, Maesuai, Thailand
  • Favorite Season: 
    Summer, because he likes Songkran Day
Artista Narathip Choermue

Narathip and his family live in a cottage in Thailand’s Bara village. It is a small village, with about 20 families; the weather is cool all year round. At home, Narathip and his family speak Akha. In his free time, Narathip loves to draw, sing, and read. His favorite type of music is folk, and he enjoys playing football for fun. There are 32 students in Narathip’s class. His favorite subject is art, and for lunch he eats noodles. Narathip’s favorite holiday to celebrate is Kow Mai day, the new year of Akha. To celebrate, his family has dinner together and sings Akha songs.