Artista Renz, Diciembre 2012


  • Name: Renz
  • Age: 6
  • School: Ai Tong School, Bishan, Singapore
  • Favorite Fact: Singapore is known as the "Lion City," and Kemi's astrological sign is Leo

Artista Renz

Kemi lives in Singapore, a country made up of 63 islands. He lives in a condominium with his parents and older brother. They speak English and Mandarin. He likes to swim, draw and play freeze tag. His favorite books are the Richard Scarry series.

If Kemi could change one thing about his country, he would turn all the schools into amusement parks. He would like to visit Kuala Lumpur and see the Petronas Towers. When he grows up he wants to be an artist, an inventor or a kung fu actor.