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Colgate® Phos-Flur® Gel
1.1% Sodium Fluoride
and Acidulated Phosphate Gel. Rx Only.

Specially formulated gel for the special needs of orthodontic patients. Helps prevent white spots associated with orthodontic decalcification.1

Precautions: Do not use for children under age 6 unless recommended by a dentist or physician. Like all prescription drugs, use Colgate Phos-Flur Gel (Rx) under the care and supervision of a dentist or physician. Pregnant women or nursing mothers should check with their dentist or physician befoer using this product.
Colgate® Phos-Flur® Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse

#1 Orthodontist recommended. Specially formulated fororthodontic patients, this unique acidulated phosphate fluoride formula helps prevent decalcification, which leads to cavities. Clinically proven to provide 58% reduction in white spots. ADA seal of acceptance. Alcohol-free.2 Sugar-free.

Unit Dose Sachets / 50 per Box (543-0019)

16 oz. Bottles

Cool Mint2 (543-1968)
Gushing Grape (543-2063)
Bubble Gum (543-1530)

1. Hirschfield, R.E. et. al. Andle Orthod., 44(3):218-221, 1974.
2. Cool Mint flavors contain trace amounts of alcohol.

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