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What is the Luminous™ formula?
The Colgate® Luminous™ formula safely lifts off yellowing surface stains to restore the natural whiteness of your smile.
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How does Colgate® Luminous™ strengthen your teeth's enamel?
The Fluoride Mineral Formulation fills in the weak spots on your enamel making your teeth strong and shiny.
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How does Colgate® Luminous™ whiten your teeth?
Colgate® Luminous™ contains high cleaning silica that safely lifts off yellowing stains to restore the whiteness to your teeth.
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Does Luminous™ have all of the benefits of other toothpastes?
Yes, Colgate® Luminous™ fights cavities, whitens teeth and reduces plaque just as effectively as other ColgateĀ® brands with continued use.
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Does Luminous™ contain any animal by-products? Is it kosher certified?
No, it does not contain animal by-products. No, it is not kosher certified.
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Is the tube/box recyclable? Is it made from recycled materials?
The carton for the 6oz product is recyclable and made from recycled cardboard materials. The tube is made of laminates and is not recyclable.
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